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We use government-approved colours under "ISI" & "SCHEDULE Q'S" cosmetic grade.


The colours used in the products doesn't harm the body & are of HERBAL base..


•  All products are anticeptic & prepared without using animal fats.


•  All the products are made with extensive care.


•  All the ingredients & extracts are manufactured in our own factory.


•  We use Wheat Germ Oil, Vegetable oil, Almond Oil, Aloevera Gel, Tulsi, Rose, Flower extracts etc.


•  We use complete Herbal Nail Polish Remover not a Thinner as Thinner effects nails & skin.


•  Nail Polish Remover contains 'Vitamin-E' & natural vegetable oil due to which nails neither dries nor get destroyed.


•  Acid value doesn't start after 18 months, you need not to throw it like other nail polishes, our nail polish can be used for five    years.


•  If nail polish remover is used regularly for three months, it will make your nails glow naturally





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